31 Jul 2008

Just a quickie

First - apologies for not posting lately - we've had the most ghastly, hideous awful cold here and we're only just getting better after 2 1/2 weeks - not, of course, Teflon boy (my dear husband) because he never gets our germs. Bad tempers and whingeing all round, especially from me! Anyway......

Bubble jet set, it's marvellous stuff. I made labels (for the stupid uniform my 4 yr old has to wear come September time) because I'm too tight to buy them :) and test printed a couple of pumpkin pics from earlier in the week too.

It was easy to use (and because Mum and Dad bought me some Reynolds Freezer Paper, bless them) thus, I had everything I needed to make printable fabric successfully.

Here are my labels (after I cut out the first 8, I realized that they would fray because I am a dufus and forgot to leave seam allowances)

so then I found some iron on stabiliser and did the rest properly :

And then here are my little pumpkins, which might turn into a purse or pillows, or something useful...

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