14 May 2013

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As dear Google have seen fit to close down their Reader service, I am moving my reader to Bloglovin'.  If you want to follow me, please click on the new button at the top of the sidebar. I hope to be blogging a bit more now as this year's Uni course is almost done!

26 Nov 2012


Not the kind on a shark! I have decided to abandon my blog for a while.

 I started an Open University degree last month, in Primary Teaching and Learning, which will take at least 6 years to complete. I volunteer at school 2 days to fulfill the work experience criteria for the course, and of course, I have that thing called a 'family' to look after as well.

 I am struggling to find the the time to write my essays, let alone blog posts, so I will leave this record and may post intermittently should I be moved to do so.

 Meantime, I leave you with this video as food for thought, and thank all who have visited, commented or contacted me through the blog.

8 Aug 2012

Missing in Action

Been busy enjoying the not raining weather of late, including some days off with Teflon Boy. We're just doing long weekends during the school summer holidays - Friday to Monday, which is just right for full-on family activities! We've even enjoyed some olympics related activities, we tried some sporty things at the Sports Arena down on the beach at Weymouth - Kayaking was the big hit with all the family, so much so that we are now considering whether to buy our own. In other news, it's very nearly my Extremely Big birthday (40), and I have requested a ukelele as one of my gifts. I hope to achieve great things (!) but as I haven't practised or played on any musical instrument since the arrival of Things 1 and 2, I expect my ambition to exceed my ability by quite a lot. In the interest of research, this morning I clicked through from the lovely Wikipedia, to this handy site where I found an AMAZING video of The Waffle Stompers, covering Gotye's most recent hit 'Somebody I Used To Know'. Please watch their video, the kids and I enjoyed it so much, I believe I'm going to be watching it all day now!

16 Jul 2012

Wild Play at the beach

Stonehenge@ Burton Bradstock, a photo by rowsew on Flickr.
On one of the very infrequent sunny-ish days recently we went to the beach at Burton Bradstock for some fresh air, and ended up making some major stoneworks.

Move over, you druids. The fact that our Stonehenge was only about 3 feet in diameter is irrelevant!

More pictures of stoneworks made by us on my flickr stream here.