22 Jul 2008

Oh good, another cold

Suffering today from an awful head cold (break off for sneezing, coughing and nose blowing)!

If I believed in higher beings, at this point, I would think it/they had it in for me this year.

So far in 2008:

chicken pox x 2 small children
flu x 2 big grown ups, x 1 small child
operations x 1
shitty head colds x 8 (that's spread over 4 people)
various other kinds of colds - at least 15

boiler (packs up regularly at Christmas)
1 fox, killing, so far, total of 5 chickens
and, just this week, a bloody great big tick on one of the cats - yuck!

On the other hand, the sun came out today, so it was warm, and we made flowery crowns, and then wore our winter hats - maybe the shitty head cold had some influence here! All I ask is that it stops right now! It's my birthday next month and I'd like to enjoy it, some.

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