16 Aug 2008

Eco friendly and all that

Been revisiting a few eco sites today, and I'd like to share a few. My personal favourite, which helps me de-clutter and boost my karma '} too, is freecycle - it's going global, you are sure to find a local group, check out the main site here, and my local here.

Recyling plastic bottles is a big job in our house, as we get through a lot of milk - which nowadays, even if you get it from the milkman, all comes in those big plastic tubs. There's only so many mini plant waterers you can make with these, so most go into our local council's recycling scheme. But plastic water bottles get re-used here (we don't really like the bottled water, but the empties are useful for thirsty toddlers when you're out, so now and again we buy some) and here's a company who are encouraging the use of tap water, together with recycling at the end of a bottle life cycle. They're also selling their own bottles which are made with a non-leaching plastic material - always something that has worried me about using plastic bottles for any length of time. I will buy a couple as my toddler is due to start Reception next month, and they have to bring "a clear plastic bottle of water" to school every day (why you can't use an aluminium one I don't know), and of course, if one has it, the other has to too!

And finally, I've found a new one, where a whole family is trying to reduce their waste to zero - good for them, I hope they succeed. Check out their site, my zero waste - there's lots to see and do!

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