29 Aug 2008

My Birthday!

Well, I mentioned last week somewhere here that it was my birthday (and no, I'm not telling), and I wanted to show you the lovely goodies from family and friends:

A great pile of reading material for crafting, (with or without the children); a lovely story about Matryoshka dolls; a beautiful hand made mousey pin-cushion complete with new pins - what luxury - I've been too mean to go out and buy my own!; 2 pictures from Charlie, signed; a georgeous bunch of dahlias from one of my Mum's dearest friends; a crochet magazine, and unseen, a fantastic new bell for my bicycle - it goes trling, trling - perfect! And of course, an IOU, for 2 chickens, from my husband - you've seen their pics already!

The day itself was not too bad - the sun actually came out for the first time in about 3 weeks, and was pleasantly warm, Mum and Dad popped in, and a friend came round to drop off a gift, and ended staying for lunch. All good.

However, first thing, before these nice things, me and the little burdens had to walk to the store for food items, which is fine, but burden No 1 decided to take his bike along. Which he has had for 8 months. He managed to park it, and both his sandals in an enormous pile of the most revolting, sticky, icky dog poo about 100 yards from the store! I said to him, 'well done, so you choose to make this humungous error on my birthday - thank you so much' (in an ironic manner, I hope you realise, through gritted teeth). Whereupon, we had to return home, to relieve ourselves of the aforesaid s****y shoes and bike, replace shoes, wash hands, turn around, and go straight back out so we could get the damn shopping. As I am sure you are aware, walking around with toddlers is a painful process at the best of times, so a trip that at best should have taken about 40 minutes, took an hour and 40 minutes. And involved dog mess. I know, it's the fault of the dog owner that left the stuff lying around, but dang it I was MAD! And I might have done a bit of shouting, I mean, it was my birthday for goodness sake.

Now, I'm glad I got that off my chest again. The rest of the day was OK for a birthday. Thanks to everyone who sent cards, or messages!

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