11 Sep 2008

As promised, a crafty something

Well, I've finished Baby Nattie's present for Sunday, and as yesterday's posts were all about the cluckers, I thought you might like a crafty something instead. So here it is, a tinkly, softy, easy catchy ball for a 1 year old:

Made from my stash of quilting cottons, sorry about the quality of the photo, I have been drinking wine tonight, so may not be focusing properly :P . I may even be brave enough to go and load the other crappy pictures up to my Flikr - it's been a pig lately, just like my daughter. Who likes to scream very very loudly, about absolutely everything. Anyone want a bad tempered 2 year old? I've had a headache all day. Blah, the end.

See you tomorrow, probably.

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