25 Oct 2008

Falling in Love Again... With My Shoes!

These are my most favourite pair of Earth shoes. I've had them nearly 5 years, and they are fabulous. The most comfortable, go with all my clothes, suitable for almost all weather anytime, faves. Due to back problems, this is the only kind of shoe I can wear now. I recommend them to everyone, they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn - and they're good for you too!

They're extremely expensive, so I normally have to wait until sale time to buy a pair - because, even though these are my very most and best pair, a girl must also have boots, sandals, red shoes, and house shoes/slippers too! I do wish that I could wear heels occasionally, but as I'm just shy of 6 foot, it's un-necessary really. And without these, I really would be crippled. A day wearing flip-flops around the house aggravates my back/leg problem so much that it's not worth the pain.

So anyway, I polished the tippy toes of my favourites this morning, and was so happy to have them I had to photograph them (and don't you love the inlaid floor of our porch? There's a quilt design waiting right there). My only sadness in life is that this style is not made by Earth any more. I'm going to start a campaign - 'I want new Intrigues, bring them back now!' It might be a success, you never know.


  1. I'm right there with you about good shoes - I have a pair of Birkenstock (shoes, not sandals) that I've had for a decade. I love them and were worth every penny. Though, I love my flip-flops too... I can wear flip-flops 24/7. Can't wear heals (foot injury), so finding a good pair of dressy shoes is a challenge. I LOVE your shoes and can see why they are your favorite pair. Also diggin' the floor you're standing on!

    Lovin' too your Bama-bling! :o)

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