17 Oct 2008

Some great advice from a frugal blogger

I have been reading the new Simple Green Frugal Co-op blog which opened up recently, and I like to read around all the bloggers who are posting there. I have particularly enjoyed the writing of notesfromthefrugaltrenches - the idea of really being in control of your life, through budgeting accurately, eating economically, saving carefully, and NOT SPENDING MONEY ON RUBBISH appeals greatly.

Of course, we manage on one income for the four of us, considerably reduced since we moved to Dorset, and try to spend/economise where possible, but I feel there is room for us to thoroughly reconsider our income and expenditure, especially when we think about the current state of economics! So that's what we'll be working on at some point this weekend. I hope you will read, and think, and maybe change a few things yourselves.

Happy economising!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the mention! No spending days and goals really help me stick to the plan and simplify!

    Looking forward to reading your blog!