16 Oct 2009

Cough. Cough and again Cough

Yea verily, I have the annual cold once again. Usually it's more than annual though, I think I had this one at the beginning of the year. I sound like I've been eating gravel and smokin' fags. Which I HAVE NOT. Also, I have had to miss 2 sessions of Teaching Assistant training time at school this week, not excellent timing as I have just started my college course to get a qualification. I know, stunning, back at the old alma mater 6th form college after some frighteningly long period of years, like about ..... (counting on fingers to make sure I get it right). erm 20. Which now makes me feel old. Time for another cough.

Why do the kids always pick the times you're feeling really pants to be poo-poo heads? (This is what they call me, Teflon boy, and each other when they are being a) silly b) more silly c) 3 and 5). They just spent an afternoon fighting over a small tin box masquerading as a Peppa Pig house. No you can't have the beds, I want them; no, I want them, .........zzzzzzzzz. I had to shout, and with my voice the way it is, that hurt me. So I shouted a bit more so they got the message.

Small amounts of making have been going on, but I haven't photographed them yet, so you'll have to wait.



  1. I'm sorry you're poorly. Did you get my email about the Hello Kitty tissues?

  2. Ha ha, I was the same with my two this morning - gross I was, coughing, and also bellowing. They must have felt like they were being dressed by a troll goblin. Poor children!

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