25 May 2010

Elections and Chickens

Still appalled at the election result.  I cannot even bring myself to listen to the news anymore.  I was a confirmed Radio 4 listener to the 'Today' program every morning, but lately, it's been Chris Evans on Radio 2, and then burying my head in the sand - ostrich stylie - since the coalition was announced.  Is anyone else feeling slightly depressed?

Also, why has it been so bloody cold?  For goodness sake, it's nearly June.  I only switched the heating off last week, we've had the grand total of - oooh - 4 days of nice, pleasant, summery weather, and suddenly, it's getting cool again.  I only changed the duvet on Sunday for the 'summer weight' one, in a small fit of optimism that I am now surely going to regret.

Rant over,  and breathe, and relax.

On to chickens, but even there, I feel a further rant coming on.  We have had to make some replacements lately, we were down to 3 chickens (from an earlier total of 5) but due to a)illness and b)stupid broody hens decided to boost the numbers back, and got 3 new pullets.  One is a Leghorn (beautiful, white all over with a big floppy comb) and 2 Amber Stars who are sort of .... peachy colour.  The Leghorn is called Miranda, she is capable of a vertical take-off that a Harrier Jump Jet would be envious of - discovered this after 2 minutes of fenced in garden time, and the 2 AS are Spotty Carmen, and Baby Peaches (cos she's the babiest one, obviously).  They appear to be incapable of anything except running round the back of the hen house every time they see me.  Since they all joined the flock about 8 days ago, we have had the grand total of ... 6 eggs.  Yeah.  Who's first in the pot?  Even the kids are joining in with the threats now!  Off to warm up the slow cooker ..

Spotty and Peaches


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  1. Wow, you are experiencing cool weather. I was just checking out your little forecast widget...it's the same temperature as we have here in NZ and we are coming into winter. Hope the sun will shine for you soon.xx