8 Oct 2010


And this is why!

Finally, hurrah, they are both at school.  The down side of the smallest small being there is that it's only 3 hours a day.  So my toiling up and down the road has increased from two trips to three.  It really disrupts the day, I can tell you.  And the poor little sausage doesn't even get to stay there for lunch, she has to walk home first - cue a tanty immediately we get through the door.  I am knackered, she is knackered, we're all sick of it - except - SHE LOVES SCHOOL.  I am so pleased, and she is coming on a treat.  Roll on next term when she is there properly, all day.


  1. Bless 'em! Don't they look all proud and gorgeous, so funny!
    I keep forgetting about the half-day thing - right now Hester goes till 2.15 to preschool! When she starts next year it'll be till 12.10. Lawks! It's going to kill me isn't it?!!!
    x x x

  2. Aw....

    Kindergarten is half day all year here. Oh well.