7 Feb 2011

Stained Glass

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The start (finally) of my own designed door panels for Mum and Dad's new front door. Panel 1 of 2, - mirrored. Based very loosely on Frank Lloyd Wright's work as per client's (parental units) brief.

Since I started this, both kids have been throwing up, I have a rip snorter of a chest infection and the OH has had a very dodgy weekend. Topped off today with OH's 40th birthday spent at the local Minor Injuries unit - this morning for me, my chest and eye (ha, ha, ha) and then very unexpectedly this afternoon, about 10 minutes after I left, back with child no. 1 who split his face open on the pavement at school. What a birthday, we have cancelled it until the weekend so we can do a re-run and hope to god no-one's ill!

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  1. Good grief, what a disaster-ridden weekend! i could barely keep up! Love the panel - my parentals would like that too - their house is 1930's and my mother is always banging on about art deco stylee1
    x x x