1 Dec 2011

Musical Stars

Hello, all. And I wish you Happy December 1st. As you can imagine, my children were tremendously excited to get up this morning to put the very first Advent star into their Nativity calendar, (and then the snowman marker into No. 1 on their fabric calendar...... and drool over the possibility of a little chocolate from their other one - but not till after school)!

We like to start December very gently, as the youngest child has only just had her birthday. I think it's right to have a little space between birthday celebrations and Christmas excitement.

So, the wreath has been put up on the door, the calendars were found, and yesterday, we made these gorgeous stars from old music books.

Musical Stars by rowsew

With thanks to Maya for her post, and AnneKata for the tutorial. I'm off to make some small stars now for a garland. Enjoy the Advent season.

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