29 Sep 2008

Glass Update

Well, this is the layout that the blogger has decided to give me today, so I'll live with it - I hope you can too!

This is what I mostly did on Saturday at my 'mental health day' - my stained glass workshop at our local art encouraging studio. It's just once a month, so much awaited (by me and my Mum, and the 2 friends I've encouraged to join, too. We have a great tutor, and lots of lovely people attend on a peripatetic basis (as far as I've managed this year, anyway) for a few hours, or if lucky, the whole day. We had a short day this month, but I made 3 birds, and a decoration thingy. I'm still not sure if I like it, but I made something, and I wasn't at home all day with the children - who are being difficult again, so I enjoyed it. Roll on next month, I say! You can buy my glass at my shop - check out Dawanda (see the link at the top of this blog) and plug in 'rowsew' if you want to see my stuff.
Have a good day tomorrow!

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