5 Oct 2008

Welcome, apologies, etc

Sorry, I haven't been here for a while... some family problems. The littlest one started pre-school at the beginning of the month, and since then, has been an absolute nightmare, totally horrible all day, and absolutely awful to have around.

Of course, being dim, and somewhat pre-occupied with life, I hadn't put the 2 things together until last Thursday, when Grandpa dropped her off for me (hoping that she wouldn't grizzle if he did it), and said that there was no way he would want any of his (sic) children going there. As he was an educator of small children for 21 years, and has raised 4 of his own children, I really respect his opinion. And it kind of mirrored my own, so after a long discussion with Teflon boy, we have decided to pull her out of school for now.

It cleary isn't working for anyone, at any kind of level, so although I feel like a total failure for not putting the behavioural issues and disliking school together - duh - I think it's probably for the best right now. She's not 3 yet, and probably next spring will be a better time to look around for alternatives. Hopefully she will have stopped hating me by then! And I won't be racing back and forth to No 1's school for this ridiculous 1/2 day pick up that we have this term, so I won't have to be shovelling her into her coat every 3 hours for a 2 mile walk.

Also, I have yet another cold (cough, cough, cough) so sitting in front of the magic machine has been low on my priority list.

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  1. Sorry to hear things have been tough lately, hang in there, you got to do whats best for the moment...look after yourself and your family, you are doing a great job? xx