29 Nov 2008

I are 3, I are

I think we'll just gloss over the past few horrible weeks of utter misery, and move swiftly on to No 2's birthday, this week. As it says in the title - she's 3! Not sure where the time went, but here she is in jolly birthday glory:

Lovely, but only in small doses! She did eat all her veggies, with great glee, at tea time today though, a great leap for mankind (and small girls).

And I found a small green elf in my living room:

He's practising for the school Christmas play. Not only his own lines, but someone elses too (a reluctant participant, I think). We've all had to provide costumes - a bit of a shock to discover. Thank god he wasn't picked for a reindeer! But he loves it, so that'll be going into the dressing up box very soon!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all our American friends - enjoy your turkeys!

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  1. I hope the chicken pox is all cleared up these days, you poor things. My son was in a Thanksgiving play - luckily only paper hats and waistcoats were needed...