14 Nov 2008

New fun, and germs galore


I haven't been here for a while, we have germs galore in the house. My children both have chicken pox, Teflon boy (unusually and very non-stick for him) has the most disgusting cold, and I have had flu (again, and some of the cold too). So we are stuck at home, no school, no visiting, not much fun!

I did manage to get to the beach on a bright day this week, with the children, and my Mum, who saves me every time we go down with something. It was a good day for a long walk, and we had a little picnic for lunch, and a blowy walk home, good for all of us I think!

And last week, after resisting for some time, I joined this lovely site - Ravelry - dedicated to crochet and knitting fans everywhere. Obviously, I will have to start doing some crochet soon, instead of just looking at everyone elses! In my defence, amongst dealing with the deadly germs, I have been making some of No 2's birthday present - a dolly - to go in her new wooden pram, which will also have a little mattress, and quilt. Dolly will be photographed on the birthday, just in case the children get at the picture folder before then! She has underpants and a pink nighty at the moment, and I should think she might get some more sensible clothes by Christmas time.

Off to another local sale tomorrow, wish me luck!

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