22 Dec 2008


Hello, I've mostly been busy with these......

Christmas cake. I hope that the 4 1/2 hours of baking at warp factor 1 and leaving overnight in the oven did actually cook this bugger, cause I'm going to be upset if there's goo in the middle of this. I ask you, a kilo of fruit!!!!!!

Elizabeth, the birthday doll. Complete with pink frock and green knickers (underpants for you lot over in the USA). She was made following the kinda-pattern in one of my birthday books, I was quite pleased with the finished result. The idea of this particular type of doll is that you leave the features very generalised, in the Steiner manner, to help the child develop their own imaginative play. She took about 5 hours to cut, sew, hairdress and clothe. And of course I did leave it until 2 days before the actual birthday to make her! She also got a little mattress, sheet and quilt to go in her beautiful red pram - the other part of No 2's birthday gift.

More 5 minute bread.

Advent stuff
- Santa Christmas (as my little dears insist on calling him) and Christmas placemats. The little printouts were downloaded from fellow blogger aprintaday who very generously provides her stunning artwork as free files for plebs like me to use. Have a look, the art is fantastic. (Hers, not mine!) And the twiddly tree - just for the children to do really. They found this stick in the local park gardens, and we decided to decorate it. Fortunately one of our local garden centres has a great Christmas decorations department where we found the tiny decorations - just perfect for this sort of thing - even the fairy is the right size.

Birthday presents for various bodies large and small.

I know this looks like a pile of nonsense, but eventually, it turns into a lovely tinkly ball!

Happy Christmas everybody, and a peaceful New Year.

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  1. Oooh you have the bread book! I've been coveting that for a while...maybe Santa will bring it!

    Love the doll. Did you use that special fabric for the face?