24 Feb 2009

Busy, busy, busy

And cough, cough, cough. I know, it just won't go away. Regardless of this, we have been very busy painting and putting together the long awaited bike shed. It's so pretty! All the bikes and gear fit in (except the new trailer) and now that nasty salty seaside air can't make my bike rust any more. We're so happy with it - we just keep going into the courtyard and going 'oooh, isn't it good?'.

The amazing thing was that we wanted to get it done during half term holidays (as Teflon boy was off too), and we actually did. This may not sound so amazing to many of you, but when you have 2 fairly small people helping you with the paintbrushes, and the screwdrivers, and they start taking all your fittings away, it's quite good. Also, we actually fitted in with our own scheduling. Usually what happens is, we say - oh, we'll do that - and we start off with good intentions - and then we go and do a whole load of other totally unrelated things, and then get to the end of the week and notice we haven't finished what we've started.

We've also managed to get out in the fresh air, entertain the children for a week without anyone killing anyone else, clear the hundred and one bags of rubbish that have accumulated over the winter, Freecycled a load of baby stuff, passed a non-laying chicken over to someone who has more space, ordered the new Chickenopolis accommodations, and purchased two new pullets to add to the egg-producing flock.

I'm happy. But very, very tired. Today I cycled up to No 1's school with both children in the new trailer, cycled back, then dug about a hundredweight of compost up with my friend and carted it into her (very long) garden, and just this evening been to my Pilates class. I didn't fall asleep on the mat, and managed to get home without dropping off either, so I think that's a good days' work.

Children 'helping' Papa

Our lovely bike shed

Daddy with the children at Lyme Regis

New hens - Henny Penny, Baby Mavis


  1. Well done, thats one smart looking bike shed! x

  2. Oooh another Eglu fan!

    Our Miss Pepperpot is called Hennypenny, also ;-0