3 Feb 2009

Stuff we've been busy with

The snow (yeah, right, all 2 cms of it)

The chickens - they want to know what the hell that white stuff is, where's the grass? And by the way, we've done the eggs already.

Sticky back plastic. Way to go with 3 yr olds! Thanks to Amber at Kids Craft Weekly (again) for the idea.

New glass piece made at the weekend - for a light that I just discovered no longer works. B*gger. Not quite finished - there's a mirror border to be cut and added, if I can get the time, or fix the light.


  1. I love your stained glass window! I wish I had the patience to try that art form out, but maybe another lifetime!

    I followed your comment from maya*made's burlap post and just wanted to see if you had managed to find any burlap. It's known as "Hessian" in the UK, if that helps any. And I went down to my neighborhood coffee shop/roaster, and they actually had coffee sacks for sale--very cheap. I'm going to see if I can make at least a garlic bag myself. We'll see how it goes!

    You have a lovely blog!!

  2. Oh, I hope you can fix the light for that lovely piece. I've always wanted to sign up for one of the stained glass classes at the local college, but at this rate I'll have to wait for the kids to grow up first - they always clash with my husband's shifts... Is it hard?