15 Apr 2009

I'm back!


Anyone still out there reading this? I hope so. I'm doing a catch up, first the birthday boy (only 3 weeks late but there you go!):

I'm a KNIGHT!!!!!!

AND..... I'm FIVE Mummy!

Next, I joined Usborne Books at Home - and now I'm selling books. It's great fun, I earned some money (yes, already) for the first time since I had the children, and it's giving me something else to do. I really like it - and the children LOVE it because I've got lots and lots of new books - with stickers - which when you're 3 or 5, is the absolute bestest thing in the world!

And finally, this Easter holidays, we've mostly been moving sheds, and building an enormous veg bed, and a chicken run (or fruit cages as they're known to the rest of the world). Tomorrow is moving day for those girls - after I've been for a catch-up and a coffee with my best friend.

The old shed being dismantled ...

Re-assembled in its new place ...

and joined by Chickenopolis aka fruit cage

And at last, 5 eggs from 5 chickens! Only had to wait six weeks for those new girls to settle in. Of course, yesterday must have been a fluke, because there were only 4 today. I'm feeling very Mrs Tweedy today, but I'm holding off getting my clipboard out just yet ....!

You really would not believe how difficult it was to put that blessed fruit cage up - we thought that under the pavours it was soil, but no, it was lumps of old concrete, bits of concrete flagstones and any old cr@p you could possibly imagine. However, we are moving on from the six (yes 6) hours of work today that this poxy thing has taken, and are now enjoying NOT doing anything else for at least 12 hours! Roll on bathtime, I say.

Happy holidays everyone!

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  1. Well done!

    It IS hard work, and especially with smalls around...so double well done!

    ( I DO `know.... I have a small....I love her very much BUT it IS very hard to do any work with her around!....)