4 May 2009


Things we're big on doing at the moment :

Moving stuff round the garden again, and again, and again ...... but today, we managed to take some of it away to the tip, so hurrah for Teflon boy and his small but useful boy assistant. I can see the ground in the alleyway at the side of the house now, instead of grotty rubbley piles, HUGE stumps of conifers (thank you, previous owners of this house :) not), boxes of metal bits, dead bits of wood, hedge trimmings, old plastic bags and god knows what else we have dug out of the top end of the garden.

Washing. Someone small and not very useful is spending a LOT of time weeing in her pants. If anyone knows why a toilet trained 3 year old chooses to do this, please let me know. I am pulling my hair out, and shouting a lot. I'd like to trade her in for a model that works properly, but I was assured at the hospital as I left, that they didn't accept returns. Pooh to them.

Planting things - way to go - we've made a huge new planting bed from the pergola that we've gradually been dis-assembling over the past year or so - so that has lettuce, sweet peas, cucumber, courgettes, rocket, tomatoes, french beans and more lettuce in it. And now we've moved them chickens, I've been able to expand the flower borders a bit and put in things like, rhubarb, (about 4 lots!!) herbs, strawberries and a few seeds that I forget now what they were. It's all very growy here. Last year's veg beds are full of garlic, onions, peas and a pumpkin, and I have been using the local supermarkets rather nice 'bags for ever' for the potatoes, carrots and squash that we've got going too. I'm so hoping this will be our most productive year at this house. Roll on the summer weather please!

Planning. This year, we have decided we need a beach hut (we cannot afford a summer holiday away, so we are trying to make the most of what is on the doorstep - ie the beach), so I am now in the process of persuading my Dad that he needs to build one. Hmmmm. He's not keen, and has many other projects - or so he says. But I will work on him until he gives in, then we can have every day at the beach between now (when he builds it I mean really) and the end of October if we want too. With somewhere to put buckets and spades and towels and beach shoes etc etc etc, without dragging the blasted things up and down the road every time we go. And then do it again next year, and so on, until it falls apart. Please send happy thoughts to Papa.

I hope everyone's had a good weekend, Happy May Day to you all!

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