10 Jul 2009

Oy vey!

I'm so sorry. I'm still here, really I am. But, you know, kinda busy. Also kinda sick lately - tummy bugs lay you out something bad .... It's those germy kids of mine. Plague-ridden really, but soon, it's the holidays - yey! And no more walking round half of Dorset to get the children to school or nursery. Days at the hut will be taken, visitors will visit and fun (YES FUN) will be had!

Goblins have moved into the garden recently:

They have been told to move off by the children. But I'm not entirely sure they're listening. (Actually, it's great fun, my Mum made some very very small clothes and bedding, and I've found some bits and bobs that are the right size, and every now and then, I go and change what's on the line.) The children like to go and see what's happening in the goblin patch at the end of the day, (as you can see above, they put up NOTICES!!!) and if they've put something up, I can take it down and save it. I thought I'd taken more pictures. But that was my organised self who appears to have left the building. I will pay attention and do more as the summer wears on.

The Veg/Chicks are producing:

Although lately, the chickens need a swift kick up the bum, 2 eggs from 5 chickens are not enough.

And there be a fairy in my garden too:

1 skirt was not enough, I was informed that a second layer was required!

Hope you're all having fun.

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