22 Nov 2009

Fab find for a Sunday

And another one - which I just found (thanks to the Old Style Money Saving Experts in the November Grocery Challenge).  I'm really stoked when I find something that's useful, easy to make (and therefore crafty-ish) and FREE. 

Have a look at the PocketMod - it's a little bit Filofax, a little bit origami - and LOTS of fun!  I just printed off my own little fun pad to tide me through the week, and I'm really looking foward to using it. 

The best bit?  Getting to recycle it at the end of the week!

And if you're wading through cereal packets, you might also like the handy carboard wallet, found here.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh I love that cereal packet thing - maybe I should package my OriginalStitch products in something like that! What a great idea. i like all these little shares you're doing - I might have to try that modpocket thing too (It's so not called that is it. A mere ten lines up and I still can't be bothered to look..!!)
    Thanks for your comment on my post. Thought you'd identify with it! x x x