19 Nov 2009

Have fun, Internet crawl notes


Today's internet crawl starts at the current Spoonflower voting list - this week it's calendars for next year. There are some fantastic designs to choose, and you can vote for more than one idea. (I voted for about 5 or 6).

Next - Kids Craft Weekly, for a great bunch of crafty Christmas ideas - I can recommend purchasing the Christmas Crafts pdf - I got last year's and it was great. This weeks newsletter is about ideas for Advent calendars, but you can look up the older newsletters by clicking the sidebar link.

Printing and paper fun - a whole bunch of lovely, free downloads from The Small Object. I have used a few, and everyone comments on how cute the images are, and there are a couple of fun ideas like the little notes. There are a few more downloads available aside from this link, you have to look about halfway down the front page to see a complete list.

And finally, for those of us who never grow up, a fascinating set of videos and photos from Eric Carle, detailing just how you make a Hungry Caterpillar!

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  1. Ooh they look fun, will have a little lookee there later. Spoonflower is brilliant isn't it? Have you ever submitted a design? I used a bonkers drawing Isla did of a submarine, and it was so exciting when it arrived on my doorstep; still haven't made anything for her with it yet of course...! Too much pressure! x x x