5 Jul 2010

A Useful Tip

"Stay out of the middle of the supermarket - meat, fish, dairy products, fruit and vegetables are all on the outside aisle of every supermarket.  The processed stuff is in the centre."

Bear this in mind when you shop.  I think of it often now as I plod round, trying to avoid the jars, packets and assorted processed rubbish when I do my grocery run (sorry, limp). We try to eat fresh, unprocessed food here as much as possible, and on the odd occasion when a non home cooked meal has been presented to us, really have noticed the difference.

Yesterday, we ate home grown carrots at lunch time, fresh picked from the back yard, and small courgettes with dinner.  Today, home made Shepherds pie! Yummy.  And of course, home made bread every day from this book.  So easy, even my dear husband can knock a perfect loaf out - which is good, because for the last 5 days, I've had one arm in a sling (tenosynovitus, look it up, it hurts!) and he's been on catering, child minding and cleaning duty!

Enjoy your food, we always do.

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