27 Feb 2011

Handmade Soap!

Thought you might like to see my very first effort at soapmaking - I was so excited to have a go at this, and now I'm itching to use the stuff.  But you have to leave it to cure for about 6 weeks, and I'm only at the end of week 2!

Just going over to Flikr to load up some 'during' pics.  I did cheat a tiny bit and wash my hands with a very small piece that fell off yesterday (my mould was not the best shape) and it was lovely, my hands felt clean, but not too dry.

The instructions I used were from Rhonda's excellent 'Down to Earth' blog - check out the sidebar for a link to her blog.  I used the soap calculator she recommends in her soap-making post to calculate the quantities of oil.  For those interested, this batch contains olive oil, rice bran oil and a little coconut oil.

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