4 Nov 2011

Handmade Cold Process Soap - Lavender

Second slicing of soap by rowsew
Second slicing of soap, a photo by rowsew on Flickr.

What I did today, whilst balancing on my very dodgy broken foot. Made the soap yesterday, so today had the excitement of demoulding (which is always trying as I forget to grease the moulds first) and then slicing. Almost the best bit because you get to see what the texture is like when you slice it open. Now there's lots of waiting. Almost six weeks. And then it will be properly cured and ready to use. If you want to have a go at making your own soap, I recommend that you read this post from Rhonda at Down-To-Earth. But please be aware that kids, pets and people with breathing difficulties should be banished whilst you are making soap, as lye (caustic soda) gives off dangerous fumes and if spilled will cause burns. You do need to c be very careful and concentrate on what you are doing. Of course, further reading is always helpful, so check out your local library for any books they might have.


  1. Hi Row, Martin said that is how you are known. lovely blog and I have become a follower. Ouch hope (almost put hop) the foot heals quickly,must be catching as Kate our dd is in the same position literally.
    OOHH like the look of the soap and the knitting is lovely too. Back to glass soon for you I hope.

  2. Thanks Barbara! Yes, I am still hopping/stumbling around, goodness knows when I will be able to walk properly. But as you can see, I am keeping busy. Best wishes to Kate.