30 Jan 2012

Stained glass update

Well, after very nearly a year, the First Panel for Mum and Dad's new front door is finally finished! Yay! I did actually do a little jump when I realised this at our workshop day on Saturday, and then remembered the Foot of Doom when I landed. So not a good idea. Sore foot notwithstanding, I am very, very pleased with my work so far, this is a big piece and quite a challenge. Now all I have to do is another one, reversed!

Via Flickr:
Daylight is a bit poor today, but now the piece has been cleaned, washed and thoroughly dried I thought to photograph it before it goes back into the workroom in safety. My major fear now it's complete is that it will get broken before it gets safely enclosed in double glazing so I am being very precious with it!

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