30 Apr 2012


Aaaaaargh.  Well, I just Do Not Like Blogger at the moment.  As you can see, there have been some 'template design' changes here, but it's still a work in progress.  I cannot make the flippin' thing do what I really want, and all the stuff has changed..... really, who thinks this is an improvement?

I am trying to post more frequently but the technology seems to be against me just now, so I deeply apologise if this page looks pants today.  Hopefully some thinking (and quiet beating of the computer) will sort things out over the next few days.

On another matter, have you all got your snorkels?  If we get any more rain, I'll be able to boat UPHILL to school.  Good thing the foot of doom is still out of order, as I'm not doing the school run at present!

Keep dry, see you soon.

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