11 Oct 2008

post and run


It's a real quickie today - I'm up to my knees in fabric at the moment - my son's school has a Ladies Shopping night coming up and I decided to book a table with a friend - now I have to fill it up with handmade stuff! So far I've done 3 handbags, 2 soft clutches, 1 zippered bag, 4 crochet hats, and cut out a load of christmas (I know, a bad word) type fabric decorations. Photos to follow, when I can stand up without falling into pins/cats/small children.

My main reason for posting was to let you know I received my first copy of the new sewing/crafting magazine called Sew Hip. I pre-ordered it a couple of months ago, and have been anticipating it ever since. It was worth the wait - a refreshing take on sewing, really contemporary ideas, and interesting interviews with the latest generation of crafters. I had to peel it away from a couple of friends who I stupidly let look at it! Lots of really good ideas, clear instructions, and not too much advertising to wade through either. I'll be taking a subscription, please.
Look here to see the front page, and here to pre-order or subscribe.

And that's it..... running now.


  1. Good luck with the sewing!

    I'm hoping to find a copy of that magazine over here - I've read the blog of the editor and I've got high hopes.

    Thank you for your nice comments on my blog - and a comfy chair, paracetomol and a G&T sounds rather nice...

  2. Hope you're feeling better now, that gin will have done the job!
    I'm not sure what the Sew Hip distribution will be like in the US - but email them and ask - they're very keen! Otherwise you have to order one on a sub (pretty dear if you're overseas). Good luck!