20 May 2009

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The Toy Society

You have to love the idea - sign up, leave toys in funny places, make people happy. It's a winner in my book. We'll be trying this one next week in the half term holidays.

Green Metropolis

Books - do you love 'em? I do, and I can't ever get enough. The library's ok up to a point, but sometimes you need more. At Green Metropolis you can buy and sell for a fixed price. They'll send you an email if you want a book and they get it into stock - I love it. Also, trees may be saved.
Herewith some marketing puff from the site
"Imagine if you could earn money and help the environment at the same time… well now you can! Join a growing community of buyers and sellers, where the more unwanted books you buy and sell, the more trees can be saved and planted - we donate 5p from every sale to the Woodland Trust."
We like them a lot.

Book Crossing
Another one a bit like the Toy Society - leave books hanging around for people to collect. It's a fun idea - and yes, I have seen some lying around (I already had the titles I saw unfortunately or I would have pounced on them). A great way to have a closet clear-out, and maybe refresh your collection without spending any of the those very scarce pennies!

Happy swapping!

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