31 Jul 2008


From this:

To this:

They're going to be whoppers! Roll on carving time....

Just a quickie

First - apologies for not posting lately - we've had the most ghastly, hideous awful cold here and we're only just getting better after 2 1/2 weeks - not, of course, Teflon boy (my dear husband) because he never gets our germs. Bad tempers and whingeing all round, especially from me! Anyway......

Bubble jet set, it's marvellous stuff. I made labels (for the stupid uniform my 4 yr old has to wear come September time) because I'm too tight to buy them :) and test printed a couple of pumpkin pics from earlier in the week too.

It was easy to use (and because Mum and Dad bought me some Reynolds Freezer Paper, bless them) thus, I had everything I needed to make printable fabric successfully.

Here are my labels (after I cut out the first 8, I realized that they would fray because I am a dufus and forgot to leave seam allowances)

so then I found some iron on stabiliser and did the rest properly :

And then here are my little pumpkins, which might turn into a purse or pillows, or something useful...

24 Jul 2008

Isabelle's lunch

A new game - I joined the Wholesome Lunchbox pool at Coffee and Vanilla, just for fun, and this is the result!


I finally get 2 minutes to read some blogs, and add them here ..... and the blinking technology says 'No'
So I will add today's newest most inspirational and interesting finds in this post instead:


All of which, coincidentally happened to be other blogspots, but I found them elsewhere whilst drifting among other more erudite blogs!

Must go, the 2 yr old is downstairs shouting 'Mummy, tuck me in, you need to tuck me in, tuck me in ....." ad infinitum. The joys of motherhood are very, very, small today, people.

22 Jul 2008

Oh good, another cold

Suffering today from an awful head cold (break off for sneezing, coughing and nose blowing)!

If I believed in higher beings, at this point, I would think it/they had it in for me this year.

So far in 2008:

chicken pox x 2 small children
flu x 2 big grown ups, x 1 small child
operations x 1
shitty head colds x 8 (that's spread over 4 people)
various other kinds of colds - at least 15

boiler (packs up regularly at Christmas)
1 fox, killing, so far, total of 5 chickens
and, just this week, a bloody great big tick on one of the cats - yuck!

On the other hand, the sun came out today, so it was warm, and we made flowery crowns, and then wore our winter hats - maybe the shitty head cold had some influence here! All I ask is that it stops right now! It's my birthday next month and I'd like to enjoy it, some.

4 Jul 2008

I want a ladybird, Mum

Well, I persuaded one of them to sit still long enough yesterday at the Children's Centre face painting afternoon.

Quite frankly, I was a bit scared by how it looked on his face when I finished it, but he loved it. Almost had to fight him to get the stuff off his face at bathtime!